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12 Inches To A Yard; Down Low
17 Days Live; Rockdreams
1805 Geary Blvd; Freeology
1987 Outtakes; T
1998; Thunderball
1999 Live; Rockdreams
1999 Revisted; Sabotage
1999 Tour Rehearsals; Superfly
2 Funky; ?
20Ten Complete Tour Vol 1; Sabotage
20Ten Complete Tour Vol 2; Sabotage
20Ten Complete Tour Vol 3; Sabotage
20Ten Complete Tour Vol 4; Sabotage
20Ten Complete Tour Vol 5; Sabotage
21 Nights In London Vol. O4; O2verload
26; 4DaFink
2KTV Volume 1; Brave
2NigsUnited4WestRotterdam; Global Funkschool
3:1/4; Optimum
3121 Las Vegas Vol. 4; Eye Records
3121 Las Vegas Vol. 5; Eye Records
4 All The Roses; Smart Disc
87 Laments; Speedball
Act Deux; ?
Act I Live In Chicago; ?
After Midnight; ?
After Midnight; Royal Sound
Ahoy Rotterdam; Sabotage
All Access Italy; Eye Records
Aloha Hawaii; Sabotage
An American In Paris; Ritual
An American In Paris; Why Not
Anniversary Experience, The; Moonraker
Apotheosis; Sabotage
Artist, The Cross, The Ride, The; Mountains
Astoria; New Power Zounds
Atlanta - January 19th, 1997; Sabotage
Automatic; Liberation
Avenue, The; Moonraker
Beautiful; Optimum
Beautiful Experience, The; ?
Beautiful Strange; Thunderball
Big Screen Premiere; Sabotage
Biloxi 2004ever; Sabotage
Birthday 85; ?
Birthday Parade; Sabotage
Birthday Partying; Horny Toad
Black; ?
Black Friday (Oct.2008); Eye Records
Black MF; Pluto
Black MF In Les Bains; ?
Black Sweat; Free As A Bird
Bodyheat; ?
Boogie 2Nite; Superfly
Born In St. Paul; Mountains
Boston People Know How 2 Rock; Confusion
Box of Chocolates; Free Boot Generation
Brabanthallen; CDR
Bright Lights New York City; Thunderball
Budokan; Moonraker
C3L.A.bration 2009 (Mar.2009); Eye Records
Cabaret Metro; Raiders Of The Lost Art
Cabaret Metro 2000; Sabotage
Café de Paris; Sabotage
Call The Law; Rockdreams
Celebration 2001, A (Jun.2001); Sabotage
Charade; NEC
Chicago Nite; Premium
Christ, The; Sabotage
City Lights (Atlanta 80); Super Hero
City Lights (Atlanta 85); Super Hero
City Lights (Columbia); Super Hero
City Lights (Detroit); Super Hero
City Lights (New York); Super Hero
City Lights (Paris); Super Hero
City Lights (Providence); Super Hero
City Lights (Saginaw); Super Hero
City Lights (Stockholm); Super Hero
Club Black; Ladybird
Club Fillmore; Ladybird
Complete Hawaii Tapes Vol. 1, The; Sabotage
Computer Blue; ?
Continental Drift; Sabotage
Copenhagen 20Ten; Free Boot Generation
Cosmos; Thunderball
Cross The Line; ?
Crucial; ?
Crucial; Windmill
Crystal Ball; Pimpsandwich
Dance 2 The Beat; Moonraker
Dark; ?
Dawn, The; TJC
Days of Soundboard (1986); Free Boot Generation
Deposition; Moonraker
Diamonds R 4 Ever; Cream Productions
Dirty Mind; Kicks
DNA Lounge Aftershow; ?
Do U Lie?; ?
Do U Wanna Go Home (disc 2); KTS
Do You Think I'm Sexy; Butterfly
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Jan.1991); KTS
Dream Factory; Thunderball
Dream Factory Remastered; Sabotage
Dreams; Thunderball
Driving 2 Midnight Mess; Sabotage
Electric Factory, The; Sabotage
Emancipation Proclamation (Nov.1996); Sabotage
Emanicipation - The Secret Chapter; Sabotage
Emporium; New Power Zounds
Estandard; ?
Exploding All Over Europe; Thunderball
Extended Edition: Paris Zenith 31-8-98; Quickline
Face Down; Optimum
Fantasia; Moonraker
Fate; Out
Fine Line Café; Univers
Flesh For Fantasy; Great Dane
Footsteps 2 Fillmore; Sabotage
For Those Of You On Valium; Chapter One
Freak, The; Sabotage
Freedom Train; Moonraker
From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show; 4DaFunk
Funk Ball; Sabotage
Funk City; Moonraker
Funk U Up; Red Phantom
Funkin Copenhagen; Sabotage
Funkschool Rotterdam; Sabotage
Funky Alabama; Optimum
Funky Design; Free Music
Funky Party 2 Nite; KTS
Funky Vibrations; Dream Factory
Gangster Grooves; Rockdreams
Get On Up; ?
Get Stupid; MC Records
Glam Slam East; Optimum
Glam Slam East; Raiders Of The Lost Art
Glam Slam West; Raiders Of The Lost Art
Glam Slam Yokohama; Optimum
Globequake; Dream Factory
God Bless America; Moonraker
Going North; Moonraker
Gold Aftershow 1995; Sabotage
Gold Ex-Prince, The; TGEP
Gold Tour Finale; Sabotage
H20; Thunderball
Hallowed Be Thy Name; ?
Happy Birthday; Moonraker
He's Got The Look; Rock Solid
Hide The Bone; ?
His Royal Badness; Men At Work
Hit & Run Richmond 2000; Sabotage
Holy Casino, The; Casino Royale
Homecoming, The; Star
Honeymoon Experience, The; Moonraker
Hot Chocolate; Mongoose
Hotter Than July (Jul.2007); Fearless
Housequake; Swinging Pig
Hypno Paradise; Sabotage
I Don’t Know When's The Return; Vague
Illusion Continues, The; Thunderball
In Japan; ?
In Rock - Vol 1; KTS
In Rock - Vol 2; KTS
In Rock - Vol 3; KTS
In Rock - Vol 4; KTS
In Rock - Vol 5; KTS
Indigo Chronicles Chapter 1, The; Sabotage
Indigo Chronicles Chapter 2, The; Sabotage
Indigo Chronicles Chapter 3, The; Sabotage
Indigo Chronicles Chapter 4, The; Sabotage
Indigo Chronicles Chapter 5, The; Sabotage
Indigo Chronicles Chapter 6, The; Sabotage
Inner Sanctum, The; Sabotage
Intermission; ?
International Lover; Templar
Jack U Off; Swinging Pig
Jam, The; Possessed Productions
Jazz Dwarf; ?
Jewel Box; Underground
Jewel Box II; Bernadettee's Disques
Joy in Repetition (Apr.2001); Sabotage
June VII (Jun.1995); Moonraker
Just My Imagination; ?
Kaufleuten; Come
Kaufleuten 2; Sleep Around
La Coruna 90; 4DaFunk
Late Night Shows; Sabotage
Le Bataclan; ?
Le Premier Gold Experience; Free Music
Let's Go Crazy; Idle Mind
License To Funk; Red Phantom
Live 4 Love; Sabotage
Live at the Rex; Red Phantom
Live in Rotterdam 28.5.1992; Beton
Live in Tokyo; ?
Live in USA 1982; Golden Stars
Live USA; Imtrat
Livesexy; Moonraker
Livesexy MF; On Tour Red Line
London Calling; Eye Records
Love Sign; Not Guilty
Lovesexy Live Atlanta; Sabotage
Lovesexy Live In Dortmund '88; Sabotage
Lovesexy Live in Germany; ?
Lovesexy Tour Rehearsals (1988); Sabotage
Lovesexy USA; Sabotage
Lovesexy88; Beech Marten
Lueneburg 93; Quickline
Madhouse 24; Bernadettee's Disques
Madrid To Stuttgart; Dreamline
Manic Monday; ?
Midnight Snack; Thunderball
Miles 2 Nowhere; Thunderball
Miles From The Park; Sabotage
Millennium Grooves; Thunderball
Montreux Jazz Fest (Jul.2007); Fan
Montreux Jazz Fest Aftershow (Jul.2007); Fan
Moonlight; Star
More Free Candy 4 U (Oct.2009); Free Boot Generation
Mountain View; Sabotage
My Band Is Tight; Ladybird
My Name Is God; Off Beat
Nagoya '89; Sabotage
Nasty Boy; CDR
Neon Rendezvous; Take It Or Leave It
New Golden Age, The (Apr.2008); Sabotage
New York 2004ever; Sabotage
Night at the Bullring, A; Sabotage
Night Before, The; Optimum
Nightclubbing; Swinging Pig
Nighttown Vega; Sabotage
Now's The Time; Moonraker
Nude Tour 1990; Deep
Nudism; Thunderball
Nudity; Thunderball
O(+> vs. Toronto; Sabotage
Oakland 2001; Sabotage
Oh Oh Ohhh; ?
ONA - Dallas & Atlanta Aftershows; Sabotage
ONA - London & Winnipeg Aftershows; Premium
ONA... Live In Oakland; African Shark
ONA… Live in Japan; Global Funkschool
Once In A Lifetime; ?
One Nite Alone - Buffalo Aftershow; Sabotage
One Nite Alone - The Soundchecks; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Berlin; Premium
One Nite Alone in Berlin; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Buffalo; Sabotage
One Nite Alone In Chicago; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Copenhagen; Sabotage
One Nite Alone In Detroit; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Fukuoka; ?
One Nite Alone in Fukuoka; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Japan; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Oberhausen; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Paris; Sabotage
One Nite Alone in Washington; Sabotage
One Nite...Not So Alone; Premium
Only 4 U; Big Music
Open Sessions Volume 2; ?
Open Sessions Volume 4; ?
Osaka '89; Sabotage
Paisley Nites; Thunderball
Paisley Park Extravaganza; Sabotage
Paisley Power (Feb.1998); Thunderball
Palladium, The; ?
Parade Around the World, A; Sabotage
Paradiso, The; Super Hero
Paris 1986; Live Storm
Paris Affair; KTS
Paris Aftershow 1993; ?
Paris Parade; Optimum
Park 2004, The; Sabotage
Park Volume Four, The; Moonraker
Park Volume Three, The; Moonraker
Park Volume Two, The; Moonraker
Park, The; Moonraker
Party Mix; Optimum
Past Present & Future; Sabotage
Past Present & Future 2; Sabotage
Peach; ?
Peach & Black; Thunderball
Pink; Play With Me
Platinum; ?
Pod, The; New Power Zounds
Pop; Three Cool Cats
Prince & The Revolution Live; Moonraker
Prince Esta Muerto; New Power Zounds
Prince In The Nude; Diversity
Prince: A Celebration (Jun.2000); Sabotage
Prince's Erotic City; Diversity
Purple; Play With Me
Purple Finale; Thunderball
Purple House (Nov.1998); Sabotage
Purple Palace; Red Hot
Purple Prince At Court; Invasion Unlimited
Purple Rain Tour Finale; Sabotage
Purple Rush; Sabotage
Purple Rush II; Sabotage
Purple Rush III; Sabotage
Purple Rush IV; Sabotage
Purple Rush V; Sabotage
Purple Rush VI; Sabotage
Purple Rush VII; Sabotage
R U Experienced; Sabotage
R U Gonna Go My Way; Sabotage
R U Ready Paris; Rockdreams
Rainbow Palace; ?
Rare2Prince; Temptation
RarePrince; Temptation
Rave Un2 The Bataclan (Nov.1999); Universal
Rave Un2 the Year 2000 (Dec.1999); Sabotage
Regent of First Avenue, The; ?
Reno 2004ever; Sabotage
Resurrection (Jun.2000); Thunderball
Return Of The Bump Squad (Jun.1995); Moonraker
Return to Zenith; Sabotage
Rock 2 The Flow; ?
Rock Over Germany; Sabotage
Rock This Joint; Sabotage
Roseland; Asteroid
Rotterdam We Come 2 Jam; Global Funkschool
Sacrifice Of Victor; CDR
Salt Lake City; Optimum
San Francisco Live 1986; Sabotage
Secret Gig; Living Legend
Sendai '89; Sabotage
Septembre; Paper Corn
Sex Of It, The; Dream Factory
Sex Toy; Star
Sexuality; Suly
Sexy MF Tour 92; ?
Shark Tank Part 1; Freeology
She's A Peach; Unbelievable Music
Sign 'O' The Times Rehearsal; Sabotage
Sign 'O' The Times Rehearsal 2.0; Sabotage
Skin Tight; Sidestep
Small Club; Moonraker or X Records
Something Paisley; Moonraker
Sometimes It Snows In April; Rockdreams
Soul Psychodelicide; Moonraker
Sound & Vision 1 (1980-1987); Sabotage
Sound & Vision 2 (1989-1996); Sabotage
Sound & Vision 3 (1996-1997); Sabotage
Sound & Vision 4 (1998); Sabotage
Sound & Vision 5 (1999-2000); Sabotage
Sound & Vision 5 (2001-2004); Sabotage
Sound & Vision 7 (2005-2007); Sabotage
Spanish Circus; Sabotage
Spanish Harem; Sabotage
Spooky Electric, The (Jul.1988); NEC
Stagetronic; Crystal Cat
Starlight Lounge; Sabotage
Stars And Bars; ?
Still Waiting; ?
Stockholm 9th May 1987; ?
Stripped Down; Sabotage
Studio 54 (Jan.1999); Sabotage
Studio Nights (Sound 80); Superhero
Studio Nights (The Rebels); Superhero
Studio Nights (Untitled); Superhero
Studio Nights (Work in Progress); Superhero
Sun, Moon and Stars; Sabotage
Super Bock; Free Boot Generation
Superhero; ?
Sweet Thing; ?
Take This Beat; All Of Us
Thieves in the Temple; Sabotage
This Is A Dance; ?
This Is A New Romance; Blue Lake
This Is My Night; KTS
This Is What We Do 2 Have Fun; Midnight Beat
Thunder; Moonraker
Tokyo '90; Moonraker
Touch; Premium
Trojan Horse Aftershow 88; Sabotage
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1; ?
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 2; ?
Unauthorised Live Vol 2; Joker
Under the London Moon; Blue Lake
Under The Spanish Moon; Barfly
Undertaker, The; RDC
Utrecht 98; Orson Productions
Utrecht Concert; Dreamline
Veni, Vidi, Vici; Uptown
Viage; Free Boot Generation
Viage 2; Free Boot Generation
Victory (Feb.2007); Fearless
Vienna 25.5.1987; ?
Viva Espana; ?
Viva Las Vegas (May.1999); Sabotage
War, The; Sabotage
Welcome To The Beautiful Experience; KTS
Welcome to the New World (Nov.1996); TUCD
Wembley 90; ?
What Am I Doing Aftershow; MAD
What's Hip; Bundy
What's My Name?; Monada
When Doves Cry Its A Sign...; Blue Lake
White; Play With Me
Whole Lotta Love 4 Paris; Sabotage
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad; Templar
With U; Horny Toad
Wonderboy; Moonraker
Work - Vol 1, The; Thundeball
Work - Vol 2, The; Thundeball
Work - Vol 3, The; Thundeball
Work - Vol 4, The; Thundeball
Work - Vol 5, The; Thundeball
Work It - Vol 1-10; GetBlue
Xemplification; Coco
Xenophobia Vol 1 (Jun.2002); Premium
Xenophobia Vol 1 (Jun.2002); Sabotage
Xenophobia Vol 2 (Jun.2002); Premium
Xenophobia Vol 2 (Jun.2002); Sabotage
Xenophobia Vol 3 (Jun.2002); Premium
Xenophunkia in LA; African Shark
Xpectation; Sabotage
Yellow; Bernadettee's Disques
You Belong To Prince; Observation

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  • You can vote for a specific show within a multidisk set. For example, you can vote for disks 10 & 11 of the City Lights set as the most essential bootleg of the Parade Tour if you want.
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